Renewable Energies Chair
Created in 2010, the Renewable Energies Chair of the University of Évora (UEvora RE Chair) has soon defined as main research topic the use of Concentrating Optics in Solar Energy conversion technologies as means of widening the range of applications as well as of increasing the competitiveness of their use.At the core of INIESC, the National Research Infrastructure in Solar Energy Concentration, UEvora RE Chair develops research along the main vectors defining the role of solar energy technologies as a solution for the Energy Transition: PV or CSP power generation; thermal or electrical energy storage; solar energy for energy supply to Industry and Agriculture; solar resource and Energy system integration strategies.
Published in 16.01.2020
Manuel Collares Pereira, former head of the Renewable Energy Chair, coordinating researcher and professor at the University of Évora (CER-UÉ), with whom he maintains close contact, will receive the title of honorary member of the Mexican Academy of Energy, on January 16, in Mexico City.
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