Renewable Energies Chair
The Renewable Energies Chair was created in November 2010 and its Chairman is Professor Manuel Collares Pereira. Focus its activity on Concentrating Solar Power, developing and testing new technologies to capture and convert solar radiation into heat (for environment heating and cooling, industrial processes, desalination, production of synthetic fuels, etc.) and electricity by photovoltaic or thermal means.
Published in 14.09.2015
On September 10, the ST Renewable Energies Chair welcomed in Évora Professor William Beckman, Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering and Director Emeritus of the Solar Energy Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Published in 03.07.2015
The Renewable Energies Chair, University of Évora and the Institute of Solar Research of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) have agreed to cooperate in their research in the field of concentrating solar technologies for the generation of electricity.